We create digital fashion for the metaverse. The digital identity is an extension of the real self and we believe everyone should be able to own and wear their favourite designs.


+6 Million monthly users get to experience our avatar games with the possibility of owning their creations as digital assets. Creating a character and enhancing its look is a favourite pass time for tens of millions around the world in viral metaverse games.


Game on! The Metaverse Fashion is revolutionising the fashion industry, and we are part of it.

With the largest virtual fashion events, Gamerina is creating digital assets which will be the standard of personal expression for the generations to come.

Gamerina is designing in both 2D ( 4k resolution ) and 3D as an upgrade so your next Metaverse party will remember your unique fashion statement.

  • 2D 4K + 3D models
  • Limited editions
  • Exclusive items
  • Green design