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Beautiful games and avatars
for women of all ages

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Discover yourself and explore creatively

Explore thousands of special items to create your one of a kind avatar! Take a peak into the fashion games multiverse for inspiration.

  • Kiki

    TikTok famous, self produced teen artist, Kiki makes short videos of her picking out great low budget outfits and pranking her parents. She’s a bundle of laughter, a lot of fun and trouble - all in one!

  • Shania

    The Harry Potter bookworm, Shania can recite a full 5 minute Snape speech from memory, in a heartbeat, but can’t be bothered to remember where she left her keys if her life would depend on it.

  • Anna

    Sorority house leader, Anna is the go to person whether you need some help buying new clothes (Proficient Mall Rat) or throw the roof off with a rave your friends will never forget.

  • Hellen

    Healthy snack provider and incorrigible pet lover, Hellen will not stop talking about her two Persian cats while she’s baking you the most amazing sugar free cookies you’ve ever tasted.

  • Regina

    Regina is the straight As student with a wild temper. Impossible to please and stubborn, when she’s not dating, you won’t be able to shut her up on the environmental impact of big cities in the modern world.

  • Paula

    Make up guru and vlogger, Paula is the real deal influencer you need in your life. Her skills and obsession for detail will make your skin look selfie-perfect in the blink of en eye.

  • Fayola

    Decoration artist, part time designer and witty introvert, Fayola will take your credit card and an afternoon and turn your room into the most amazing living space. You’ll need months until you’ll ever want to go outside again.

  • Antoinette

    Self proclaimed princess connoisseur, Antoinette will explain every royal ritual in detail, while illustrating her knowledge in extensive works on Disney princesses. You can’t make this stuff up, she’s a wild one.

  • Adriana

    Dance aficionado and poetry writer, Adriana is definitely the heart and soul of every party. Her moves will turn even the avid skeptics into beliebers.

Empowering women through games

We believe all children, tweens and teens around the world, no matter their ethnicity, upbringing or education have tremendous capabilities of becoming amazing individuals.

In today's crowded digital world, with companies focusing more and more on profits rather than user benefits, we can be the better alternative.

Using our 15 years of creating beautiful, viral and engaging games, we founded Gamerina with the purpose of contributing to one of the pillars of healthy development as a young adult which is creative exploration without fear of judgement.

Our target audience is women of all ages ( young & adult ) that want to explore their passions like fashion, makeup and hairstyle designs in their spare time and our goal is to create products that not only are beautiful and inspiring but engaging, safe and creative.

Women today can choose where to spend their digital time, where their children can play safely and how they entertain themselves. We strive to be one of those places where women feel safe, empowered through games and art and where they can connect with a community of like minded people.

    • Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.
      Kate Spade

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  • Big Network +163 satisfied partners
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