6 Reasons to Launch Micro Digital Asset Collections with Gamerina

  • Superb graphics that add value to your brand

    Users can own superbly designed 4k + 3D branded items which look good on every device.

  • It's good for the environment

    Users get to experience fashionable items before they are produced. This way we can reduce waste from testing new collections.

  • Real retail discounts

    Each unique digital asset can have a discount for the real item it represents. Users will be able to redeem them in your store.

  • A new transparent
    revenue stream

    The revenue from each sale ( primary or secondary ) is shared between the brand and Gamerina via blockchain smart contracts.

  • People love connecting
    with brands

    Studies show people who have interacted with a brand are more likely to purchase from it in the future.

  • Get insights into
    what people like

    Get a dashboard with stats into the collections you launch with Gamerina to see usage and LTV.

People love brandsLove them back with
unique digital assets