Increase customer satisfaction & loyalty by upgrading to
unique avatars

Customer satisfaction turns into more sales and loyalty turns into returning customers.
All this with a 60 minute set up.

The only avatar service that your website or app can use to turn this

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Here is why businesses want to add unique avatars as profile pictures:

  • It's Plug'n Play

    Using our SDK the integration takes 1 hour and it's 99% faster than doing it in-house.

  • It's Serverless

    You don't need a server as everything is on IPFS. This means less consumed bandwidth.

  • Cool visuals

    Superb avatars increase the value of the app or website just by looking good.

  • It's green

    You stop spending resources to develop an avatar system in-house.

  • It's safe

    Everything is done using the blockchain. The user owns the digital asset.

  • It's profitable

    When users upgrade their avatars by buying from your app, you get a cut.

Your users love avatarsUpgrade to decentralised avatars