Clone Yourself
As An Avatar

Use Clony to create your profile picture for websites and dApps, upgrade it with cool new props

Create your avatar from a simple app, own it as a digital asset and control how it looks on the web & in the metaverse

Your digital appearance is personal and you should own it, customise it and do whatever you want with it. Clony's avatar allows you to do just that!

  • Superb highres hand-drawn graphics
  • Inclusive & diverse characters
  • AI Powered Avatars

    Artificial intelligence turns your already unique avatar into one of a kind computer generated versions. Own them all.

  • Marketplace

    To upgrade your look

  • Connect All Your Avatars Into One

    Multi Chain Ownership

  • Luxury Brands

    Exclusive & unique digital assets from famous luxury brands

  • Dynamic Rendering

    Render your avatar based on hour, automagically

  • or based on the app you connect with

Want to see it?Beta is live